Ringo Jones

What was your past life before the xdMFA?
Before xdMFA Ringo was a scavenger. He spent many nights sleeping on couches, floors, or the bench seats of cars, eating anything that was presented to him and riding from coast to coast, sneaking past border security agents in the middle of the night and waking up in a room full of half-clothed strangers. He was a nomad. He was the face in the crowd you recognized but couldn’t place, and when you looked away the face had changed.

If you were a vegetable, what vegetable would you be?
Beets. Cuz I got rhythm.

What’s your favorite creative tool?
The mind! but seriously, I love the ‘Smart Tool’ in ProTools by Avid

Rank your top three favorite inventions.

  1. Sliced Bread—obvious reasons
  2. Transporter—It may not exist yet, but when it does I’m going to love not driving
    to Oxford everyday
  3. That mind eraser thing from Men In Black—I’ve woken up a few times feeling like someone used that on me