Applied Experience Design: Walt Disney World

Walt Disney World resort in Orlando, Florida is a place where experience design can be observed in many different forms. In order to create memorable and believable environments, Disney uses imagery, sounds, services, branding, built environments and even smell. The high degree of attention to detail at Disney Parks and Resorts promotes ease of use for guests of all ages from cultures around the world. From transportation to theme park attractions, experience design methods can be studied in a living laboratory that happens to also feature ice cream treats.

Applied Experience Design: Walt Disney World is a course that will be offered every summer. xdMFA students will spend five days at Walt Disney World parks and resorts studying design in action while practicing non-intrusive design research methods. By the end of the course, students will have compiled a collection of experience design methods that can be applied at varying scales.

Course Format

Starts Summer 2018

  • Destination

    Context Immersion
    1 week
  • Online

    3 weeks