Energy is conserved and spent every day in many ways. Energy bars and energy drinks are ready for those who need it. Energy assistance programs exist to help people pay their bills so their homes can continue to function. The Electric Company provides brain power. And of course, the world has been saved countless times by The Power Rangers. Heck, energy even has it’s own department.

Energy has many names and comes in lots of forms. It’s measured in calories, kilowatts, joules, and even gigawatts (1.21 of them). Even though science reminds us that energy can neither be created nor destroyed (just converted), it seems someone is always “out of energy.” Energy heats, lights, explodes, attracts, and echoes. Humanity is infatuated with energy. We need it, do amazing things with it, misuse it, and too often we waste it.

For spring 2017, the xdMFA Experience Design program will spend the semester exploring the topic of energy and how design thinking and doing can make positive impacts for society. We’ll look at how to make energy more accessible, ways to design energy-efficient outcomes, and how new sources of energy can be made available.