Destination Weekends

Once every semester, students and faculty meet at a different destination for an immersive, long weekend of studying design in context.

Design doesn’t come to life in the office or studio. It happens on city streets, in restaurants, and on handheld screens. That means in order to learn about how design affects people you have to go where they intersect. Destination weekends are a time when xdMFA students meet at a compelling location for days of observations and learning in the places where design planning becomes reality. Locations in the eastern and western United States are being planned. At the conclusion of the weekend, learners will present their work to the xdMFA cohort. This presentation will allow those working on their thesis to share findings and get feedback, and will enable others to learn about this process first-hand.

Destination Weekend Schedule

Each destination weekend will involve some structured class time, though most of the time learners will be observing, researching, recording, and developing solutions based on the context of the visit. Here’s a sample schedule for our destination weekends.


All DayArrival
9 pmIntroduction Meeting: Getting Bearings1 hr


AfternoonCollaborative: Research and Context3 hrs


MorningStand-up Meeting: Final Day Plans1 hr
AfternoonCharrette: Research-Informed Design and Innovation1.5 hrs
AfternoonFinal Reports1.5 hrs


All DayDepart


We’re planning some great learning experiences that will take place all over the United States. Here are all of the planned destinations, dates, and why each place is important for Experience Design.