I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.Maya Angelou

Research Inspires Innovation

Applying theory and research methods reveals areas where design can meet needs and innovate relevant products.

(Medical) Field Research

Research requires designers to go out and explore how people interact with information in order to get things done.

In our program, research theories, methods, and tools are applied in order to discover opportunities for innovation and what kinds of Experience Design outcomes may meet these needs.

People are Transdisciplinary

Designing to evoke emotions and outcomes isn't limited to one media, one approach, or one discipline. To do so would limit possibilities.

Multisensory Bus Stops

A bus stop isn't a singular experience. There are ads to read, time to read on a smart phone, and people to chat with. It's an experience. How can a bus stop do more than keep the rain and sun off of your back? Here's an opportunity for experience design... including interaction, industrial, graphic, service, and maybe even sound design to elevate people's experiences.

Experience Design is not limited to one design approach, but often activates aspects of many different design disciplines. XD students refine and develop skills in a range of design disciplines.

Processes and Tools for Experience

When designing experiences, different tools and processes must be used.

Experience The Many Moments of Digital

Using an app involves a touchscreen, a smart phone, and the world of interactions that surrounds the device. Phones are context-navigators. In order to design, you have to research context.

We teach and practice traditional and emerging tools and approaches for evaluating, exploring, and developing experience-focused design needs and outcomes.

Crafted to be Memorable

Every pixel, every point, every second is crafted because experiences and the people who have them matter.

Design and Science Detail

Design hinges on craft. When something is designed with precise detail, people notice and unexpected outcomes are reduced. In the tradition of the visual arts, outcomes are designed with care and fine detail.

Students in Experience Design create finely-crafted outcomes that include digital, physical, and time-based media.

What people seek is not the meaning of life but the experience of being alive.Joseph Campbell