xd and the Semester of Politics

August 2, 2016
a united states flag

As the United States Presidential race winds through August, the xdMFA program is preparing to spend a semester exploring the experience of politics. Learners in our program will be researching how political messages are crafted and the effect they have on people. We’ll explore the visual components of these messages, the way advertisements use sound and movement to support a candidate’s position. And we’ll analyze and develop interactive outcomes using political techniques as a way to better understand their moving parts.

Whether you hate the political machine or you can’t wait to stay up all night to watch the polls report, politics is part of life. This year, we’ll all get to see it in action, some through the lens of Experience Design.

Every semester, the Experience Design program takes on a semester topic that serves as content for projects, learning, and research. These topics provide a unique focus for each semester in the program. See all of our past semester topics.

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